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IBEW Local Union 44


REVISED 09/01/14



1.                  An applicant must not be working in the trade at the time of signing the Book.  If employment is obtained in another area while on the Out of Work Book, the applicant will so notify this local to remove their name from the Book.


2.                  Signing the Out of Work Book must be done in person.  Each applicant for employment must register in their own handwriting on the Out of Work Book for which they qualify.  The Applicant may be held solely responsible for providing proof of which Book he/she may sign.


3.                  Local 44 members must have a paid up dues receipt in order to sign the Books.


4.                  IBEW Travelers must have a paid up dues receipt and should have a Letter of Introduction from their Home Local stating the Travelers qualifications in order to sign the Books.





1.                  Each month beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th all applicants must re-sign the books in order to remain eligible for Referral.


2.                  Each applicant must re-sign each month by one of the following four methods:


a.       In person at 1901 South Montana Street in Butte; or

b.      By postcard to PO Box 3467, Butte MT 59702; or

c.       By fax to (406) 723-3270; or

d.      By email to


Postcards must be postmarked between the 10th and 16th for the month of which they are to be recorded, and they must be received by the last working day of the month to be recorded.  Email resigns will be sent a confirmation number.  It will be your responsibility to verify that your resign has been recorded each month.  The office phone is (406) 723-3203.


3.                  If an applicant fails to re-sign in any month following their original sign in, their name will be removed from the Out of Work Book.





1.                  Referrals shall be made between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon on regular workdays.  Referrals will be made by telephone from the Dispatcher to applicants.  You must be available to accept a call or it is marked as a refusal.  An applicant may designate one other person to accept or reject a call on their behalf by putting that persons name in the Book.  If there is no answer the call will be referred to the next applicant.  Answering machines will be regarded as a no answer.  When referred, you must bring 2 original forms of identification with you to the job to present to the employer.  You must also bring a current first aid/CPR card, OSHA 10 Hour card, and your CDL medical card for the employer.  


2.                  An applicants name will be rolled to the bottom of the Out of Work Book after declining or not being available for Three Referrals.  An applicants name will be removed from the Out of Work Book upon being rolled the third time if the Local has not been personally contacted by the applicant.  Refusals will not be recorded for a Short Call or a Special Skills Call.  An applicant can only be recorded one refusal per day.  Not at home, an answering machine, or no answer will also constitute a refusal.  Rejection of the applicant by an employer will not be considered as a refusal.


3.                  Requests for men, made after 9:30 a.m., will be referred the next day, except in cases of emergency.  Calls will be made no more than 48 hours in advance of show up time, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays excluded.  The Business Manager may call more than 48 hours before, if he deems necessary.


4.                  A man, called for Special Skills or Abilities, will be required to perform such skills he was called for.  Clearance (referral slip) may be mailed to the Job Headquarters.





1.                  A Short Call is defined as a referral for work and shall not exceed forty hours. 


2.                  An applicants name will remain on the Out of Work Book when referred on a Short Call.  It is the applicants responsibility to notify the Union at the conclusion of a Short Call.


3.                  An applicants name will be removed from the Out of Work Book, if an applicant quits a job on a Short Call.





1.                  Men who are unable to work due to injury or sickness will retain their position on the Out of Work Book.  During their time of disability, they shall not be called for referral.


2.                  A Doctor’s statement of Disability may be required to be listed as disabled, as well as a doctor’s release to be removed from the disabled status, in order to be active on the Out of Work Book.





Any applicant who considers him/herself aggrieved in the matter of Referral shall request a hearing before the Appeals Committee.  An applicant, who fails to present an appeal within thirty (30) days of being aggrieved, shall have his appeal dismissed.  Any applicant not following these rules may be charged with a violation and fined accordingly, and/or have their name removed from the Out of Work Book, upon which the Applicant will have to re-register on the Out of Work Book.





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